About The Company

The Grants business was first established in 1965 by Patrick Keith O’Connor, the father of the current Group CEO. The founder started his career with a seven year indentured masonry apprenticeship which involved several years training as a banker mason, combined with periods within the setting-out department, drawing office and also on site. A qualified mason was required to have an exceptionally well-rounded understanding of all aspects of masonry, from design through to installation. Very few managed to complete the full apprenticeship; however the founder of our business not only passed, but won several awards along the way.

It is upon this very firm foundation that the core principle of Grants has grown and with that the company today has expanded into a truly multi-disciplined, innovative construction solutions provider. The Company undertakes works in many areas of the construction process, ranging from raised flooring through to Precast Concrete cladding panels.

We have placed an ever-increasing emphasis on innovation and commit considerable investment each year to new research and development projects. Through this drive for innovation a number of industry changing products and systems have been conceived and progressed, such as ‘Technik Floor’ the prefabricated flooring solution and ‘Technik Facade’, the prefabricated facade solution.

The Grants Group has established an organisation with unrivalled experience within their niche disciplines. This range of experience enables them to provide the relevant services required to cope with the ever-changing demands of an increasingly sophisticated client.

As your consultant, supplier or contractor let our experience work for you.

The founder during his masonry apprenticeship 'The founder during his masonry apprenticeship'