The Group

We have built a strong Group of businesses operating in intersecting disciplines within the construction sector with each business able to compliment the others. There is a symbiotic relationship between all of the businesses and whilst each operates independently they are equally able to operate as a whole to deliver comprehensive and fully integrated construction solutions. The ethos is to create growth through the principles of safety, quality, investment and innovation.

The founding member of the Group is a specialist stone contracting business which designs, supplies and installs high quality internal or external wall and floor finished predominantly in natural materials such as Limestone, Granite, Marble and Terracotta. Grants of Shoreditch have completed some of the largest natural stone projects undertaken within the UK including The Shard, Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City and Heathrow Terminal 2. These projects alone involved in excess of 150,000m2 of natural stone cladding and paving.


Cadeby Stone Ltd consists of a limestone quarry and state of the art stone processing facility located within the boundaries of the quarry site. Cadeby are able to quarry raw limestone blocks and process into finished products ready for incorporation into construction projects. The limestone quarry is one of the largest dimensional stone quarries within the UK and produces an exceptionally high quality material which is suitable for use as an external fa├žade finish at a thickness of only 40mm.


Grants Precast Ltd specialises in the production of both architectural and stone faced precast panels in addition to non-architectural or structural concrete units. They strive to be the very best accepting nothing but exceptional quality with an uncompromising drive to set new standards of excellence for this sector. The production facility is uniquely located within the boundaries of the quarry site and combined with Cadeby Stone has the distinction of being the only Group of businesses within the UK able to quarry their own stone, process this into a cut to size product, then install onto precast units all within one location.

Blockstone Ltd operates 9 Dimensional Stone quarries and the Park Lane Bathstone Mine, extracting one of the largest ranges of Sandstone and Limestone available in the UK. The mine and quarries produce stone of the very highest quality allowing architects, designers and fabricators alike to push the boundaries in the use of natural stone in construction