Stone Selecting & Testing

Correct Stone selection is vital to the success of any stone project. Decisions regarding the selection of a stone involve many factors including the following:

  • The architect’s aesthetic requirements (Colour, texture etc)
  • Physical properties and durability requirements of the stone.
  • Capacity of the Quarry and its production capacity.
  • Seasonal quarrying period.
  • Location of the Building (Climatic conditions.)
  • Rough block sizes available, nominal bed heights.
  • Cost of Block.
  • Commitments of the quarry to other clients.
  • Colour and general visual variation of the stone.
  • Detailing of the Stonework.

The yield of a quarry can change very quickly so an evaluation of a quarry should be undertaken regularly. Our experienced Geologist based in Carrara, Italy, undertakes quarry evaluations and surveys throughout the world.